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How To Keep Your Phone Clean? - Practical Guide

It seems that smartphones, tablets, iPads and iPhones are the most important things in one’s life in the recent times. People stay hooked to their smartphones for several hours. With the increasing dependency on the smartphones, it is not at all surprising that your smart devices are completely covered in bacteria. If you even get a hint of the number of bacteria and germs, you will definitely think twice before taking the next call. Several studies have shown that all these smart devices like phones are the breeding ground for microorganisms. How to keep your phone clean? Have you ever tried answering this question? Here are some of the ways you might take note of to get rid of bacteria and germs.

How To Keep Your Phone Clean – Avoid Playing or Texting in the Bathroom

It is a fact that more than 75% of the people take their smartphones into the bathroom. Whether you use your phone only after washing your hands or not, your device is infected with germs whenever you take it in the bathroom. The bathroom is the most bacteria and virus prone area in your entire house. When your phone is exposed to the bathroom, it becomes equally infested.

Use a Microfiber Cloth When You Are In Doubt How To Keep Your Phone Clean

taking call while sweating

Did you find a microfiber cloth in the box while buying your smartphone? If not, you may use one that comes with your glasses or get one from the nearby medical store. Using the microfiber cloth is the ideal way of removing oils, fingerprints or other stains and marks from your smartphone screens. Unlike the paper towels, it does not scratch the subtle surface of the phones. Briskly wipe your phone until the phone display is clear from scum.

How To Keep Your Phone Clean – Try Using Water and Alcohol

alcohol water mixture

Although microfiber cloth is the most used way of cleaning, it does not help in removing bacteria. If your phone is exposed to sneezing or come in contact with dirty hands, it is essential to think out of just microfiber cloth. You may mix distilled water and isopropyl alcohol to store it in a bottle. Then, use the mixture to dampen a soft cloth and wipe your phone screen. But, note that Apple has advised not to use any kind of liquid other than a microfiber cloth for cleaning. So, be careful and decide if you wish to try disinfecting your iPhone or iPad with the liquid.

Consider a Phone Case

To protect your smartphone, consider buying a phone case. But, the phone case might also carry bacteria and germs. In order to avoid that adding an additional sheet of bacteria guard, an antimicrobial cover can eliminate the germs and bacteria from infecting your smartphone.

How To Keep Your Phone Clean Using Vinegar and Water

If you do not have alcohol handy, you can even try home remedy by mixing vinegar and distilled water in equal proportions. Take a soft microfiber cloth and slightly dampen the corner of the cloth in that mixture. Now, wipe the phone screen with the cloth very gently. Clean the excess liquid on the phone with the dry part of the cloth. You may also check othercreative uses of vinegarin an earlier article on our website.

Cotton Swabs to Clean Your Phone

cotton swabs

The tiny dust particles accumulated on the phone screen can be hard to remove. The cotton swabs work better than microfiber cloths for cleaning the dust and grime residing on the phone. It helps to clean the accumulated dust specs from even the hard to reach areas on the phone.


A smartphone is a vital thing that needs proper care and handling. As it is the most used item each and every person, any kind of germ infestation on the device can be harmful to them. So, how to keep your phone clean? Try some of the above-mentioned things to keep your phone clean and away from germs and viruses.