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Silicone Sponges: Transforming the Way We Clean - A Comprehensive Guide

Are you aware of the most recent trend in domestic cleaning supplies? The silicone sponge is the new innovative scrubber that is highly in demand for cleaning purposes. It is being considered one of the best things among the cleaning supplies and getting some great feedback from the customers. But do you know how does it work? Here is a guide to silicone sponges. We hope it helps you in learning more about silicon sponges and deciding if you wish to add them to your stack of cleaning necessities.

How Does the Silicone Sponge Work?

The silicone sponge scrubbers are effective cleaning tools.
The silicone sponge scrubbers are effective cleaning tools.

Usually, an absorbent and porous cellulose sponge is used for doing the dishes. The make of the cellulose sponges makes it stinky and filled with bacteria over time. Thus, its longevity is lost and needs to be changed every now and then. Changing your cleaning supply too often can become heavy on your pocket and it is also not an environmentally friendly. The silicone sponge, unlike its cellulose counterpart, is not porous. It comes with sleek and smooth bristles that can avert the bacteria from attacking with its camp. The silicone sponge doesn’t emit musty smell and can be easily cleaned with hot water or in the dishwasher. You don’t have to replace it frequently.

Uses of the Silicone Sponge

The silicone sponge is designed to clean the kitchen cookware, dishes, kitchen non-stick and other surfaces. But, according to the product reviews of the silicon sponge scrubber, it is being used for several other purposes like pet hair cleaning, for picking up dry lint, and even as a scrubber for washing face. Due to its lack of being absorbent, the silicon sponges are not considered a great option for wiping the stovetops or kitchen counters. But, they are definitely praised for their capacity to clean the lightly greased pans and pots and keeping the bacteria away. The dishwashing liquid may slide as per the bristle’s length at times but definitely not hold the bacteria as in the "old-fashioned" cleaning supplies.

Silicone Sponges of all Brands are not the same

The silicon sponge doesn't absorb water spreading bad odor.
The silicon sponge doesn't absorb water spreading bad odor.

There are several brands that offer silicone sponges, but all are not equal. For instance, some of the silicone sponges come with long bristles on both sides, while others offer short bristles on just one of the sides. Some of the brands offer both of the functions together. You may also find silicon sponges with side designs to clean the vegetables. So, before purchasing the silicone sponge scrubber, assess your requirements and buy the one that suits your needs perfectly. You may check the reviews from other users prior to buying it.

How Can You Make the Best Use of the Silicone Sponge?

According to online reviews, silicone sponges are successfully used to clean the soiled pans, pots, and dishes. However, some of the users were not much satisfied.

Anyways, a good rule of thumb is to experiment and see if the silicon sponges are a good fit in your household. Try to include the silicon sponge scrubber in your daily cleaning routine and reduce the use of the cellulose sponges. To bring it into practice, here are the following things that you should consider.

  • The silicone sponge can be used for all pots and pans you wish to clean

  • Plastic scrubber brush that can be cleaned after use must be used to tackle the rigid food stains

  • Use the microfiber cloths for cleaning the counters and stovetops, as these set of fresh and clean clothes are absorbent and can help remove microorganisms

If you don't end up switching to silicone sponges, you can always go back to your usual cleaning supplies.

The silicone sponge, plastic scrubber brush, and the microfiber cloths should help you in your endeavors to reduce the bacteria in your kitchen. It can also help you to be a bit more environmentally friendly. To ensure your kitchen is clean always, you may check out this article with a comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist on our blog.