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Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix Together

People often believe in various misconceptions like if you mix a range of domestic cleaning products, it can bring great results. People think that apart from being very economical, such solutions can give a sparkling appearance to your home. Yes, there are few products that definitely works like magic for cleaning your home. But, there are also some of the cleaning products you should never mix as it can be the reason for health hazards. Such products, when mixed can be unsafe as the blend you obtain from mixing the two can produce unanticipated chemical reactions harmful to your health. In order to save money, your idea of combining two products can end up in spending more to treat your health issues. Here you learn some of the cleaning products you should never mix.

Bleach and Alcohol are Two Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix


The solution of bleach mixed with alcohol produces hydrochloric (muriatic) acid and chloroform. The chloroform element produced in high level causes loss of consciousness, nausea, dizziness, and even death. The combination can also cause harm to the lungs, nervous system, kidneys, skin, eyes, and liver.

Mixture of Ammonia and Bleach

The combination of bleach and ammonia is deadly and powerful mixture causing death. The toxic gases are produced when bleach and ammonia are mixed. It damages your respiratory system. The high levels of chloramine and ammonia also produce hazardous explosive substance.

Vinegar and Bleach Combined Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

bleach for cleaning

Vinegar and bleach are both commonly used in home cleaning. But, these two cleaning products you should never mix as the two powerful disinfectants when mixed, produce chlorine gas. Even if you are using at low concentration still it can be the reason for burning watery eyes, breathing problems, and coughing. Vinegar is considered a weak acid, when mixed with bleach, produces toxic gases, which can also damage your lungs.

Combination of Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar

You must have read somewhere that spraying an interchanging mist of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and wiping the surface between the two sprays on the countertops or fruits can be beneficial. When sprayed separately, it is safe but these two cleaning products you should never mix. Peracetic acid is produced when you combine the two in the same container, which is possibly toxic and create irritation in your respiratory system, eyes, and skin.

Baking Soda and Vinegar Solution


Baking soda is a weak and fragile base whereas, the vinegar base is acidic. You may check how helpful baking soda is for home cleaning in one of our articles. But, these are the two cleaning products you should never mix. The powerful elements get neutralized and majorly produces sodium acetate and water making it completely unusable when baking soda and vinegar is mixed together. Moreover, the vinegar causes the baking soda to create a large amount of foam, which, if stored in a container can explode. It might be hazardous for your family and you.

Bleach Combined with Toilet Bowl Cleaner is Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

Toxic fumes are released when the examples of cleaning products you should never mix are combined like bleach and toilet bowl cleaner is combined together. It can cause serious breathing problems and make your eyes watery and itching problems might crop up. Therefore, always avoid mixing any such products.


With the above set of knowledge, you may also search for many other cleaning products you should never mix to avoid any kind of dangers to your and your loved one’s health. Try to analyze yourself first or take help from this and other relevant articles available. As an alternative, consider booking a home cleaning service. When you let the professionals do the job, you can rest assured that there are no dangerous substances mixed. Know and understand the negative impact of mixing the handy household cleaning products. Never try to experiment or overthink that since one product is good for cleaning, mixing it with something better can give you great results. Ensure the safety of your home and the people residing in it.