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Practical guide to party cleaning

Parties are a lot of fun, but the last thing you want to do after one is cleaning your entire home. Check out our party cleaning tips.

This is a scenario that everyone who has ever thrown a party at home can recall: you wake up exhausted but satisfied after a long night of fun, eating, and drinking, but after a while, the dread settles in when you realize all that mess somehow needs to be cleaned up! However, party cleaning can be not that difficult to handle. SPIC AND SPAN.experts want to share some practical party cleaning tips which will make this overwhelming quest significantly easier to tackle.

Practical Guide to Party Cleaning

Make sure to prepare and plan beforehand

The key to effective after party cleaning is preparation. If you leave trash cans and garbage bags in a visible spot, your guests will be more likely to throw away their trash right away instead of tossing it somewhere on the floor. If you want to avoid washing up endless piles of dishes (and risk something getting broken,) get a stack of disposable cups, plates, and cutlery. Most importantly, try to keep the cocktail bar and food away from carpets – spills on a wooden or tile floor are so much easier to clean.

Don’t put off the party cleaning forever

I get it – starting with cleaning up is not necessarily on your mind when you wake up in a post-party haze, but it’s better to do it as soon as possible. Don’t let the spills settle in and turn into stains after a few hours. A useful emergency kit when it comes to stain removal consists of salt, white vinegar, and dish soap.

Practical Guide to Party Cleaning

Do one thing at a time

Seeing a post-party mess can be quite overwhelming, but proceeding in steps will make it much easier. The first thing you can do is collect all the trash, and pick up everything and put it back to where it belongs. In order to avoid frantically walking back and forth your place, you can put everything in a bag or a basket as you walk through each room, and then bring it back to a designated place – first kitchen items, then living room items, etc.

Practical Guide to Party Cleaning

Finish with cleaning all surfaces

All floors will inevitably be in need of vacuuming and mopping after the party is over. Make sure to wipe all tables, get rid of water stains, and clean the mirrors. It’s also a good idea to thoroughly clean and disinfect the toilet.

Practical Guide to Party Cleaning