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How To Clean And Properly Maintain Parquet And Wooden Floors


Parquet – a style of flooring that looks like a mosaic of small wooden pieces – and wooden floors make house flooring very elegant and can be made to suit your style as well as your personality. They are affordable, durable, and always look good whether as a simple or intricate design. For people who want their homes to have a classic feel and rustic country look, parquet and wooding floors are your best options. Any urban house can be made to display rural motifs, thus making your home more welcoming and relaxing anytime you get home at the close of the workday.

If you live in a non-English-speaking place, these are some common terms used locally for "wooden floor" or "parquet":

  • Germany: "Holtzboden" or "Parkett"

  • Spanish: "Suelo de madera" or "Parquet"

  • French: "Plancher en bois" or "Parquet"

  • Italian: "Pavimento in legno" or "Parquet"

  • Portuguese: "Piso de madeira" or "Parquet"

  • Russian: "Деревянный пол" (Derevyanny pol) or "Паркет" (Parket)

  • Chinese: "木地板" (Mù dìbǎn)

  • Japanese: "木製の床" (Mokusei no yuka) or "パーケット" (Pāketto)

  • Arabic: "أرضية خشبية" (Arḍiyat khashabiya) or "باركيه" (Barkīh)

  • Hindi: "लकड़ी का फर्श" (Lakaṛī kā farś) or "पार्केट" (Pārkeṭ)

  • Hebrew: "רצפת עץ" (Ritzpat Etz), and "פרקט" (Parket)

  • Dutch: "Houten vloer" or "Parket"

  • Polish: "Podłoga drewniana" or "Parkiet"

  • Swedish: "Trägolv" or "Parkett"

  • Danish : "Trægulv" or "Parket"

  • Norwegian: "Tregulv" or "Parkett"

  • Czech: "Dřevěná podlaha" or "Parkety"

Maintaining your parquet and wooden floor

Parquet and wooden floors have developed over time and are now available in different styles and colors which go well the overall theme of your home. However, maintaining your parquet and wooden floors is a different ball game entirely. This is why you need to understand the natural features of your Holzboden.

When it comes to cleaning your parquet floor, you need to be extra careful because the small pieces of wood used for parquet are thinner and smaller than regular planks. So they need a particular type of treatment. It is not suitable for wooden floors to be exposed to water because it causes the wood to warp and swell. Luckily, parquet is sealed with either polyurethane or wax which makes it possible to be mopped at any time.

The type of cleaner needed to clean your parquet floor

The delicate nature of parquet requires that you make use of a cleaner that is not chemically harsh enough to strip away the finish and open up the wood to damage later on. The following guidelines will ensure that your parquet floor is not only kept clean but maintained excellently as well.

The items you need:

  • A mop

  • Water

  • A dust mop or broom

  • A vacuum

  • Towel

  • Parquet floor cleaner

Step 1 – Vacuum the floor

Vacuuming is usually the first step in the hardwood floor cleaning procedure.
Vacuuming is usually the first step in the hardwood floor cleaning procedure.

The first thing to do is to vacuum the whole floor to get rid of the bulk of dust, dirt, and sand. A lot of vacuums today come with unique features which can be set for hard or bare floors. But if your vacuum doesn’t have the hard floor setting available, then do not vacuum your floor as the revolving brush on the vacuum will leave scratch marks on the floor. In such cases, use a hose with soft attachment.

Step 2 – Getting rid of smaller particles

You can make use of a Swiffer sweeper or broom to eliminate small particles. It is very vital to get rid of every shingle or grit from the surface of your parquet floor before mopping as these tiny particles of sand and dirt can act as abrasives, thus causing scratches when cleaned.

Step 3 – Mopping the floor

Dampen the mop and use it to clean up the floor. To mop wooden floors successfully, you need to use as little moisture as possible. Therefore, each time you soak your mop, wring it out well before using it to clean the hardwood floor.

Step 4 – Apply the parquet floor cleaner

Specialized parquet or hardwood floor cleaner is good for situations when water is not enough.
Specialized parquet or hardwood floor cleaner is good for situations when water is not enough.

Sometimes, plain water may not do an excellent job of cleaning a parquet floor. In this case, you need to add a floor cleaner that is specially designed for cleaning parquet floors. There is a plethora of these cleaners available online, so check them out to get the most affordable and suitable one for your parquet floor.

Step 5 – Dry the floor with the towel

After cleaning the floor with the parquet floor cleaner – and rinsing the mop with clean water from time to time – proceed to dry the floor with the towel. This is to prevent water from sitting on the surface of the floor for too long.


In conclusion, it is crucial that the cleaner you use to clean your parquet and wooden floor is free of harsh chemicals. This is why it is advised that you seek the services of professional services of cleaners who have all the chemicals and expertise to clean your floor without any issues.


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