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How Often Should You Change the Towels And Why?

Laundering the dirty linens is highly essential. But, why do you think you should clean the towels? Whether bath towels or hand towels, frequent cleaning is required because these touches the skin and food. When you keep a hand towel or the bath towel in the bathroom, it touches several bacteria. The bacteria love the dark and moist environment of the bathroom so they keep increasing in a steamy closed door bathroom. Rubbing your skin with such bacteria filled towel can be infectious. As you scrub the body strongly, the pores of the body open up. These open pores give way to the bacteria into the body. So, how often should you change the towels? Let’s check out how often should you wash the towels.

How Often Should You Change the Towels- The Bath Towels

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Do you have a physically-demanding job or do you workout regularly? Cleaning the bath towel with every 3-4 uses is highly recommended. The bath towels are usually designed for heavy usage. But, the bath towels start smelling just after few uses. If you do not air it properly, the smell becomes intolerable. Thus, changing the towels becomes vital. A vital thing to take a note of is sharing a towel even with your family members is not recommended, especially if a person has contaminated skin disease. Apart from the hygiene factor, another point of time when you need to change the towel is

  • If your towel is ripped
  • If the towel is stained
  • When it gets fade and cannot be used any further
  • When it is no more useful
  • If there’s a musty odor in the towel which you can’t get rid of

The Hand Towels – How Often Should You Change the Towels

How often should you change the towels which are used to wipe your hands? The hand towels need a more frequent change. Around every 2-3 days, the hand towels must be cleaned with an eco-friendly cleaning solution and dried thoroughly before using it once again. The hand towels are usually found in the high traffic zones and germ-friendly areas. It is used by several people walking into that infected zone. Therefore, it is always a great idea to take the hand towels for washing in the washing machine every day or every alternate day. The hand towels are easily reachable even for the kids and light in weight to handle. So, it becomes easier for the kids to make it dirtier. For instance, toothpaste marks all over the towel or muddy stains that your kids left after playing in the backyard. Do you wish to dry your hands with a stained towel? Of course not and it needs to be changed and washed. These towels are economically priced so you must always have neat spare hand towel backups ready. The ripped, stained or dull looking hand towels must be discarded to replace it with a new set. The colored hand towels are more preferred ones as it looks attractive as well as less dirty.

The Kitchen Towels or the Dish Towels

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The kitchen is not the most contaminated part of the house like the bathroom. But, the food residues and food stains collected in the kitchen towels can lead to the growth of bacteria and foul odor. If you cook regularly, then changing the dish towels weekly can be good enough to avoid bacterial infection of any kind. If you not into lots of guest hosting, then your kitchen towel can be cleaned thoroughly once a month. You may check the rapid kitchen cleaning routine too as it can help you in getting an idea to analyze if the kitchen towel has any other usage that can make it dirty.


Even after laundering do you find some kind of bad odor on the towels? Don’t understand how often should you change the towels? You can put the towels in hot water that is safe for such towels and add 2 cups of white vinegar to it. Finally, wash them once again in the regular detergent that you use. If still the odor persists, then might be it is time for you to discard the towel. Vinegar is a great environment-friendly product to get rid of the foul odor. There are a number of uses for vinegar which you can check in our other articles.