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Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Checklist – Let Your Kitchen Shine

Cooking itself is a tiring task and half of your energy is gone if you even think of kitchen cleaning. Isn’t it? But there are no other options, as cooking is a full-time affair, keeping your kitchen organized and clean becomes a necessity. Noone ever wants their kitchen to be bug infected or want their food to contaminate. If you wish to prepare food in a clean environment, you need to maintain certain cleaning factors. To make your kitchen cleaning process easier and hassle-free, check out a comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist for your assistance.

Cleaning Utensils After Each Meal – A Part of Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

dirty utensils

The utensils used for cooking and dishes, spoons, plates, etc. used while eating must be cleaned using dishwashing solution and sponge each and every time. Whether putting things for washing in the dishwasher or handwashing, cleaning utensils after each meal are vital to avoid germs and stinky smell.

Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers Cleaning – Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Sorting the drawer and cabinet items is important so that you do not have to search for it while cooking. Any broken or unwanted items must be thrown away or you may donate it to the needy people. Rearranging contents and wiping both the inner and the outer surface of the drawer is a must.

Scouring the Stovetop – Vital Comprehensive Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Inclusion


The stovetop cleaning inclusion is a must in the comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist. Cleaning the stovetop after cooking is very important to avoid any stains or toughened spills. You should scrub the stovetop with a cleaning solution and cloth to remove any spills stuck on the stovetop. The glass stovetops need special care while cleaning. Our earlier article specifically on glass top stove cleaning comes handy when you need any knowledge about it.

Ventilation Hood Cleaning

There are various kinds of ventilation hood with a range of technologies. You may have an auto clean feature in your ventilation hood but it still needs a deep cleaning. You may check our earlier article to understand how to clean a ventilation hood.

Oven Deep Cleaning

Firstly, remove any stains or spills inside the oven. Then, dust out any kind of ashes, brush the racks and wipe the interior and the exterior with a dampened cloth. You may also clean the oven without scrubbing. To learn more about it, check our earlier article on how to clean oven without scrubbing.

Cleaning the Dishwasher

Cleaning the dishwasher is one of the vital things to do in the comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist. Use a dishwasher detergent to scrub the inner parts of the dishwasher and in the empty machine run a cycle for a clean and fresh dishwasher. But, you cannot put all kinds of utensils in the machine. There are certain specifications that must be ensured prior to putting the dishes in the dishwasher. You may check out an earlier article to know which are the cookware that shouldn’t be used in the dishwasher.

Inventory Cleaning from the Fridge

Often you overlook a food item hiding in the corner of your fridge shelves. It remains there for days and months and finally, when you realize, it becomes too late. The food becomes out of date and spoiled. It is necessary to throw such items that becomes inedible. Empty the containers and clean the shelves using a natural cleaner like vinegar and lemon. Finally, wipe the inner surface using a damp cloth.

Empty and Wash the Kitchen Bins

Let your kitchen bins smell fresh and appear unsoiled. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner to spray the interior and exterior of the bin. Before putting the new liner in the bin dry the bin with a paper towel. Your bin is fresh and clean to use.

Disinfecting Drying Board and Sink

running water in sink.

A comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist must include thorough disinfect of drying board and sink. Cleaning the sink drain is also a mandatory task to avoid getting water clogged sinks.

Cleaning Other Appliances

Appliances like a kettle, toaster, mixer, etc. must be cleaned with a multisurface cleaner to get rid of the fingerprints, smudges, and stains. It is important to lift up the appliance for wiping the dirt and crumbs collected beneath the appliance.

Mopping the Kitchen Floor

Before the stains get deeply embed on the floor, mopping the kitchen floor on a regular basis is a mandatory task. Use an eco-friendly cleaner to avoid harsh chemicals fumes in the kitchen.

Replace the Kitchen Towels

The used towels must be washed on a regular basis so that it is ready for the next day’s use. Make sure that you use a clean and fresh towel in your kitchen each day.


Take a note of all the points in this comprehensive kitchen cleaning checklist to ensure a sparkling clean kitchen. If you are too busy to take up the cleaning tasks, you may hire a professional cleaner to ease your worries.