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When Should You Use a Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service?

No matter how clean and sanitized the rest of your home or office may be, the state of your carpets can tell a different story.

Dirty carpets can be off putting to say the least, with stains and smells leaving a very bad impression. And when you try to freshen up your carpets, even the best consumer grade carpet cleaners can't return them to their former splendor.

If this situation sounds familiar, here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a commercial carpet cleaning professional.

Personalized Cleaning Plan Will Meet Your Needs

No two people are the same so why would two carpets be?When you call on commercial carpet cleaning professionals, you will get a personalized plan developed for your needs. Are you more worried about dirt? Did someone spill something that stained? These things are treated differently, and the professionals can develop an action plan that will target your carpet’s needs, unlike retail grade products, which treat more generalized problems.

Dust, Dirt and Allergens Will Be a Thing of the Past

Walking on the carpets day in and day out causes dust, dirt and allergen particles to become trapped in the carpet fibers. This can lead to general discoloration in the carpet, but it also may cause customers and employees to become stuffy or sneezy in the office. When you hire a commercial carpet cleaning professional, their industrial-grade machines have greater suction power, making sure they will get deeper into the carpet to clean out all of the harmful particles that could be causing personal discomfort. It’s especially important to clean high traffic areas like entrances because this is where the most outside elements will be tracked in.

Stubborn Stains Will Be Gone in the Blink of an Eye

Commercial carpet cleaning professionals are able to safely use higher grade products, which means that even the worst stains can be removed quickly and easily. The materials in their solutions are not sold over the counter, and only trained professionals can handle them. In addition, the machines used are more powerful, providing more scrubbing power to get stubborn stains out.

Added Stain Protection Will Prevent Future Mishaps

The great thing about commercial carpet cleaning is that these products often come with an added benefit – stain guarding! After cleaning, the stain guarding will help protect your carpet, preventing stains from reappearing after a careless spill of a drink or someone tracking mud in. They make the carpet more resistant to these things and more from seeping into the carpet and penetrating deeply.

Cleaner Appearance Will Boost Your Image

Oftentimes, you won’t even notice how dingy the carpet is until you have it cleaned by commercial carpet cleaning professionals. Vacuuming may get some of the surface dirt, but it cannot compete with the deep clean of commercial-grade machines that not only get rid of the surface but penetrate deep into the fibers.

Long-term Financial Savings Will Yield Dividends

So many times, you will want to try retail solutions to help you with your carpet cleaning problems. These machines are often great for homes and smaller spaces, but they do not have the capacity to clean entire offices. Instead of wasting time on in-the-moment solutions, investing in commercial carpet cleaning professionals will provide long-term savings. It is an investment, but one that will pay off in time, other resources and more.

Time Saving Will Help Drive Efficiencies

Time is money! A company’s most expensive resource is their people – and the time they spend working. Instead of spending time doing things that commercial carpet cleaning professionals could do, you and your team can focus on what your business does. This is another long-term saving that people forget about – it’s not just in the things you won’t buy, it’s also in saving you time.

A person scrubbing the carpet.

So When Should You Call the Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professionals?

It’s never too soon to call a commercial carpet cleaning professional! If you have new carpeting, it’s a great idea to establish a regular pattern. This will help extend the life of your carpet because you won’t let the stains and dirt sit for longer than necessary. This will also make it easier to clean and keep your carpets looking neater in between cleanings.

Otherwise, commercial carpet cleaning professionals can be called when you have a specific need, like a spill or a special event. Just make sure you give ample time to get on their schedules – especially during busier times of the year like holidays. Priority may be given to regular customers, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

What Are You Waiting for? Call Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning Professional Today!

There are many reasons why you need a clean carpet – and retail grade products won’t cut it when you have persistent, deep seated stains. Instead of wasting a lot of time, money and frustration, call the professionals. They are prepared to treat your carpets unique needs, with professional grade products and training that will get your carpet looking perfect in no time.

Afterwards, your professional carpets will be more resistant to stains, and you can help preserve the cleaning through regular and routine vacuuming and commercial carpet cleaning.