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Learn 7 Things You Can Do With Spring Cleaning Junk

The spring cleaning is a sort of ritual for many people. As soon as the springtime is here, people start their spring cleaning and continue until the end of the season. There are many folks who avoid cleaning throughout the year. Spring is the only time when they pull up their sleeves and they are sure to come across tons of junk that is no longer used. People often get confused what to do with the junk that has popped up while spring cleaning. Here are 7 things that you can try with your spring cleaning junk.

Recycle Spring Cleaning Junk Electronics

Finding a drawer full of batteries, old DVD player, or a broken fax machine and laptop are quite common while spring cleaning. Many of you make a mistake of throwing it in the trash. But, that’s not the right thing to do, because electronic waste contains materials harmful to the environment. If old electronics end up on a landfill, toxic chemicals can seep underground and pose a major environmental threat. Throwing electronic items in the landfills have also been banned in about 17 states. The local recycling center is the best place to shove away your electronic spring cleaning junk. For more information on why e-waste should be recycled, you can check this article on our blog.

Sell off Spring Cleaning Junk on eBay

How about making some extra money by selling your spring cleaning junk? Whatever the spring junks be, toys, electronics, clothes, dishware, knick-knacks, or any weird stuff that is not in use or will not be used can be sold off on eBay. This site allows you to sell off 50 items each month through the free listing. They have an easy eBay calculator that lets you check how much you can earn from each of your sales.

Repurpose Spring Cleaning Junk

Repurposing the items that are not in use has become a common trend. DIY things are the trendiest ones. So, you may also repurpose some of the items that are not in use. Repurposing spurs your imagination and is a fun thing to do. You may check out some of the amazing creations by HGTV designers who can up-cycle any items lying around.

Donating Your Spring Cleaning Junk

Although you are giving out old stuff, donating the things that you will not use to someone who needs them is a good thing to do and also appreciated. You can find several NGOs that accept donations and also comes to your place to pick up the things that you wish to donate to the needy people. The local thrift stores are another option where you can donate your things. When the donated items are resold from the thrift stores, a part of the money goes to charities.

Throw Away the Spring Cleaning Junk

Anything that cannot be repurposed, donated, or otherwise used and have no importance in your life can be thrown away. But, you must consider the safety of the environment so throw it only if the things can be disposed of safely. The things like completely torn clothes that are not accepted by the NGOs, completely worn out shoes, etc. are something that cannot be used and better to get rid of by throwing away.

Re-Gifting Spring Cleaning Junk

The spring cleaning junk is not always for throwing away. Did you find a bobblehead lying around at the back of your closet for the entire year in perfectly good condition? You can always gift it on a neighbor’s birthday or to your cousin's children. There’s no shame or feeling bad about it. Re-gifting stuff in great condition is not at all looked down upon in the recent times.

Share Spring Cleaning Junk Online

This is something fun and interesting to do. If you have something really old like an Atari console or vintage clothing, you may take a picture of it and share it on your social media pages or pin it on Pinterest. You may also share it on your blog and post a nostalgic message. Your friends might enjoy it or get a kick of it. There might be sentiment attached to many of the stuff that you find while spring cleaning. But, holding onto it is not a solution. You must prepare yourself to get rid of the spring cleaning junk and give away or pick any of the above ways to part with it. You may check one of our articles on how decluttering your house can make it look spacious and inviting on our website.