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Learn 5 Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter at Home and at the Office

It is a common thing for people to think that paper is a harmless object that doesn’t occupy much space. Conversely, if you leave it unchecked, your home can be a dump for paper clutter. From falling off the credenzas to counter tops and piling up on tables and so forth, paper clutter can be difficult to tackle. If you have kids or students at home, paper clutter can increase with time, if not controlled now. Getting trapped in the paper clutter cycle can be quite exhausting. So, avoid making our home or office a recycle center and check out the 5 ways to reduce paper clutter.

Reduce Paper Clutter Starting with Paper Purge

Did your home become a dumping ground for paper and a good amount have been already accumulated? Try to get rid of it as much possible. It is the most vital thing to do when you are on a mission to reduce paper clutter. Take out a paper bag that can be discarded or your recycling bin to toss out all the hidden papers in form of grocery receipts, greeting cards, magazines, junk mails, old to-do lists, several scratched out papers or the ones your child played with and left it crumpled and much more. You purse, backpacks, and wallets accumulate a good amount of paper clutter. Don’t forget to clean it.

Buy a Shredder to Reduce Paper Clutter

People are often reluctant about throwing away delicate and confidential papers like old tax records, bank statements, canceled checks, etc. They prefer to stick with it instead of reducing paper clutter. You must have heard people saying they will definitely find time out to cut all the accumulated papers to reduce paper clutter but that time never really comes. In the meantime, the paper stacks keep increasing. Investing in a small paper shredder is not much of a big thing. You can easily buy one as it’s priced economically. With a shredder, you can shred the sensitive documents at home or office itself and discard it in the bin without any worries.

Instantly Deal with the Mail to Reduce Paper Clutter

On the first entrance door of your home, place a recycling bin at the corner. This will allow you to get home and instantly check the mail first. Place the incoming paper invoices like the bills in the letter holder or inbox to pay during the weekends and discard it in the bin. When the new magazines reach your home, recycle the older ones to reduce paper clutter and the issues of reading headings that may be older than your 5yrs old pet. The circular and the junk mails can be anyway chucked out without as much of a glance.

Go Paperless to Reduce Paper Clutter

With the advent of the digital media and platforms, the utility companies and the banks have turned to smart dealings. It means you are allowed to do business without the paper clutter scene around. Like you go cashless and do business with a card or other platforms like PAYTM or PayPal, etc. you can also go completely paperless by opting for all the dealings online. Additionally, if you are thinking about magazines, there are many that send you the electronic issue and also offer a discounted subscription. So, you can save money as well as have a lesser number of things to de-clutter. Such subscriptions are available for many other magazines too.

Say No to the Circulars and Junk the Junk Mail

Restricting junk mail is quite difficult. The circular and junk mail are quite a pain. In order to reduce the probable paper clutter, try to figure out the number of the merchants in the catalog to request them to delist your name from their mailing list. It is also applied to the charities that keep bombarding you with mailers as may be you donated some amount a decade back. Additionally, you may avoid the marketing materials, credit offers and pre-screened insurance mailers by visiting the Federal Trade Commission website. For circulars, you can paste a “No Circulars Please” tag on your mailbox. If you don’t take control of the paper clutter and stay on top of it, paper clutter will take over your life and will become difficult to it. You may check one of the articles on home decluttering and cleaning on our blog. Follow the above tips to keep a check of it and reduce paper clutter always.