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How to clean the oven without scrubbing?

Most of us truly dislike cleaning an oven. Unfortunately every time you use a dirty oven, filth and greasy residue left inside is burnt even more. Not only dirt is accumulated, but also a peculiar and pungent smell spreads all over the house. If you are among those, who believe that an oven can be only cleaned with strong chemical agents, then this article is for you! Get to know an easy and frugal way on how to clean the oven without scrubbing it for hours.

Why is it not recommended to use chemical detergents?

Cleaning an oven with a brush

Specialized oven cleaning agents can contain very harmful chemical substances. There is always a risk that some of toxins will be left inside and will get to your food. That is why, we keep recommending natural measures, which are cheap and effective. Thanks to them you can clean your oven without scrubbing it for hours. However, if you decide to use strong detergents, use rubber gloves while cleaning. Additionally, make sure to wipe up an oven in each and every corner, so that to remove all the chemical residue.

Cleaning an oven with baking soda.

It isn’t very complicated, but if you want to do it right and efficiently, take all the following steps. Firstly, spray each inner part of the oven with water. Secondly, sprinkle it with baking soda and again spray with a little bit of water. Leave it overnight (at least for 12 hours). If the powder doesn’t remain on sides of the oven you can prepare a special paste – simply mix a couple of spoons of baking soda with some water and cover thoroughly all the dirty spots. The next morning place a pot with a boiling water in the oven and close its door. Leave it for an hour. Afterwards, rub off all the remaining residue from the oven with a sponge soaked with warm water. You can also use some dishwashing liquid. Even more effective with soda removal will be a mixture of half water half vinegar. At the end, you can slightly heat up an oven to get rid of a smell and to dry it up.

More drastic way of cleaning an oven.

casserole pot

It is a bit less recommended to use ammonia for cleaning, however, it is pretty effective. If your oven is so dirty, that you are considering throwing it away and buying a new one, you should apply ammonia. It has quite an irritating odor, thus remember to air up an apartment thoroughly straight after using it. You should be able to find it in a supermarket among baking soda and baking powder. Firstly, heat up an oven to 200 Celsius degrees and turn it off. Then put two heat-proof casseroles inside an oven. On the upper level put a vessel with a mixture of water and ammonia (dissolve one package of ammonia in a glass of water). On the lower level place a pot with a boiling water. Leave both of them for the whole night. In the morning wipe up an entire oven with a cloth soaked with water and baking soda. It should be enough for an oven to look like an almost new one.

How often should you clean the oven?

If you want your oven to remain in decent condition, every time you bake something you should wipe it up with a wet sponge. It is almost unavoidable for an oven to stay clean if you use it often. Always some scraps will be left behind or some greasy residue will remain on racks. Straight after baking it is still pretty easy to clean it properly, however, the longer you wait the more effort you need to make to get rid of burnt leftovers. That is why, do not put it off, even though it isn’t your favorite part of cleaning a kitchen.