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How To Clean Like A German

Wherever you look around in Germany everything is clean. There is a general tidiness and order. The streets, the subways, the parks are spotless and beautiful because everyone makes cleaning a priority. Although Germans now take things with more ease then past generations, you can still assume that standards are kept high compared to other countries worldwide.

A survey done by Kaercher shows the time Germans spend each week for cleaning the house. Although we can see that average time spent is 2 hours and a half, the survey didn't take in account the size of house, the fact that in Germany more electrical cleaning devices are used and also the financial status of respondents which also has an impact on the outcome of results.

Cleaning an oven with a brush

Below are some useful tips and simple tricks that we have learned while cleaning German homes.

1. Do not depend only on cleaning appliances.

From rubber gloves and scrub brushes to Swiffers and Roombas. The cleaning world is full of tools that allow you to distance yourself from the dirt and the whole grime. Besides a broom, a makeshift mop and a vacuum we have a real arsenal of tools like sponges, elbow greases and rags. In many cases, these tools prove to be the best solution for those stubborn stains on the floor. Also, choosing the right cleaning agents (detergents) is crucial here. Remember, a strong smell or nice color of the liquid inside a bottle does not necessarily mean it is good. Germans prefer cleaning products that smell "clean" with no fragrances or a gentle breeze of bleach. Aromas like apples, grapefruit, lavender are not really welcome. Also there is an emerging demand not only in Germany for ecologically friendly solvents, some of them we have in this article on best multi-purpose cleaners available in Germany. Always select well-known brands or items recommended by professionals who work with them on a daily basis.

2. Always clean sooner rather than later.

We recommend you never leave a mess in the kitchen overnight. Your post-dinner routine should be to clean up just after finishing a meal. It is necessary to follow in order to be effective. At first, we load the dishwasher and then clean, and dry anything else. When there is still some time it is good to wipe down the countertops. Giving sometimes floors a quick sweep is a good idea too. The next day, you will not see pots and pans cluttering up the sink. Instead of it, you will be welcomed with a dishwasher full of clean dishes. You can put them away or use for breakfast.

Spending time in a spotless home reliefs your mind and body

The first step should be always to concentrate and organize the mess. Everything comes in off the dining table and into the kitchen. Leftovers may be packaged up and put into the refrigerator. If you know beforehand you will not eat anything of it just scrap what left into the trash. Dirty dishes should be rinsed, then loaded. Those that have to be hand-washed should be dried and put away at once. Finally, everything should be wiped down, including a sink (faucet and basin). Another good tip here is to fill the kettle and set out the beans as well as a grinder to make tomorrow's coffee much faster.

Try to replicate and apply the above rules as often as possible.

3. A good vacuum is everything.

The secret to keeping your floors really clean, no matter what they are made out of, is to keep the dirt out. Having a reliable and good quality vacuum cleaner is a must. Good does not mean the expensive one. On the contrary, prices of some professional vacuum cleaners used by e.g. experienced domestic cleaners lie are at the bottom of the market price ranges. We use it to clean basically everything — floors, baseboards, window sills, couches cushions, throw pillows, and even stoves and countertops.

With a proper vacuum you can clean every literally nook & cranny

4. Do not forget to clean underneath and behind your stuff.

Whenever you vacuum rugs, start with the top. When finished, go around and flip up the corners of the rugs, and then vacuum underneath. We guarantee that dirt builds up there unbeknownst to you. If you do not have any rugs, there are still many other areas to check. The bigger takeaway is that dirt hides in places you might not think of. Take a closer look behind your refrigerator, beneath your sofa, and in the cluster of cords from your electronics. Start with a vacuum in those areas and proceed with a moistened duster afterwards.

In case you would like a experienced cleaner to this for you instead, just order a deep cleaning service in Germany to make your home shine again.