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How to Clean Cloudy Glass Vases and Use it to Adorn Your Home

One glass vase at home with freshly cut flowers in it can change the look and feel of your room to a great extent. But, after 3-4 days you can see a scummy ring formed by the flowers inside the vase. It also becomes cloudy with mineral deposits build-up. This makes a beautiful glass vase look ugly. It is important to be careful while cleaning such glass vases. It might seem to be a daunting task because you may find more and more smudges instead of fixes. Here’s a guide to help you to clean cloudy glass vases easily and make it appear like a new one.

You can clean cloudy glass vases interior in several ways. One of the easiest being soaking the vase in the solution of warm soapy water and get hold of a bottle brush to scrub the inner edges of the vase. If this solution doesn’t help in removing the mineral deposit and rings, you may try any of the vase cleaning solutions below.

Glass vase with pink flowers.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Glass Cleaner

Cleaning the smudgy, cloudy, and scummy glass vase is not a very difficult task if you know the right ways to clean it. Select a spray cleaner from the market to directly apply it on the affected area, leave to set it for a few minutes, and then, wipe it clear. Before using any cleaner from the market, you must check the label and the instruction, if any.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Effervescent Denture-Cleaning Tablets

This might be a new name to you but, it is easily available in the supermarkets or chemist shops. These tablets can be used by pouring in warm water in the glass vase. You must fill the vase with warm water past any limescale deposits or rings and then drop 1-2 tablets into it. The tablets create fizz and clean cloudy glass vases impeccably. It works in the interiors to remove the deposits and rings and leave the vase sparkling clean. Scrubbing the vase walls with a bottle brush can result in effective cleaning.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Baking soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar for cleaning cloudy glass vase.

This is another fizz creating an effective way to clean cloudy glass vases. In order to clean the vase with baking soda and vinegar, fill the vase with warm water and add 2 tablespoon sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and little amount of distilled white vinegar. Use a bottle brush to scrub the inner sides and bottom of the vase. The fizz created by soda and vinegar eats away all the deposits and leave your vase completely clean. You may also check the creative benefits of baking soda for cleaning on our blog.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Salt and Vinegar Paste

The salt acts as a great scrubber for cleaning the cloudy vases. You need to make a paste of ½ tablespoon salt and vinegar and apply it on the deposits and rings formed inside the vases. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then scrub it with a brush or wooden spoon.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Rice, Warm Soapy Water, and Vinegar

Take a handful of rice grains (uncooked) and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and add it to a warm water-filled vase. Cover the vase with a lid and for a few minutes whirl it, so that the rice grains reach inside and bottom of the vase and scrape away the deposits formed. Leave it overnight and occasionally keep stirring inside. The next day, drain the water mix from the vase and rinse it with warm fresh water. It makes your vase clean.

Clean Cloudy Glass Vases with Lemon

Lemon can clean glass vases easily.

To clean the outside of the glass vase, you can use lemon. Cut the lemon in two halves and rub the outer area of the vase with the pulp or mix a few drops of lemon juice with salt and scrub the glass vase to clean it. Rinse it with warm water immediately. You may use crumbled newspaper to buff the glass finally.


With so many handy tips, you no longer need to worry about how to clean cloudy glass vases. Try out the above ideas and make your vase sparkling clean.