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3 Methods to Remove Handprints on the Wall For a Neat Look

The smudged up walls are the most common things at home when you have kids. But, that doesn’t mean that the adults are less guilty than the little ones. Unconsciously, the adult also dirty the wall around fixtures and switches. Even the frequently traveled hallway walls are commonly exposed to handprints and dirt. The cute fingerprints of your child can give you a tough time to remove. So, try removing them before they set on the wall for good. You would definitely not want the stains to ruin your freshly painted walls. If you can be a little careful, removing unsightly handprints of grease, mud, or plain dirt on the wall won’t be a major problem. Here are 3 methods to remove handprints on the wall using dish soap, vinegar, and chalk.

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How to Use Dish Soap to Remove Handprints on the Wall

Cleaning the walls using dish soap is one of the most common ways to remove handprints on the wall. It is not just easy but also gentle when it comes to removing the stubborn handprints created unconsciously by you or intentionally by your kids.

In order to remove the smudges with dish soap, you must ensure it is designed to cut grease. Other tools that you would require for removing the wall marks are warm water, bucket, microfiber cloth, and dishwashing liquid that can cut grease.

To start cleaning the wall, half fill the bucket with warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to it. In this cleaning solution, dampen the microfiber cloth that you have kept ready while arranging the requisites. Now, start rubbing the stained wall area with the damp microfiber cloth until the area is clean as before. Ensure that all the oil residues are cleared and let the wall dry. If you find any traces of fingerprints on the wall, you may repeat the process from the beginning.

How to Use Vinegar to Remove Handprints on the Wall

Rubbing the wall with a brush to remove grease marks.

The uses of vinegar are not limited to one or two things. You can find a range of uses for cleaning with vinegar. You may check an article on house cleaning and sanitization methods with vinegar on our blog. Vinegar is a great household cleaner but do you know why? It is the natural grease-cutting capacities in vinegar that makes it such a great cleaner.

In order to remove handprints on the wall with vinegar, you will need microfiber cloth, a bucket, warm water, and distilled vinegar. Once you are ready with all the necessities for cleaning, take ½ gallon water in a bucket and mix ½ cup of vinegar to it. In this cleaning solution, slightly dip a microfiber cloth and dampen it. Firstly, rub and wipe the greasy and oily fingerprints with a microfiber cloth and then rinse the wiped out part with warm water. Do not use vinegar while rinsing the area with warm water. Finally, take a dry microfiber cloth and dry the area. If you still find any grease marks on the wall, repeat the entire process from the beginning.

How to Use Chalk to Remove Handprints on the Wall

Chalks can be helpful in removing grease marks.

Are you in disbelief that a little chalk can be of help in cleaning oily and greasy fingerprints on the walls? Well, you are reading it right. Chalk indeed can remove handprints on the wall. As the chalk is porous, you can find some great absorbent qualities in it. In order to clean the greasy walls and remove fingerprints, you just need a microfiber cloth and white stick chalk. Are you using a fresh chalk stick? Then, rub it against a construction paper or cardboard to blunt it a bit into an angle. The sharp edges of the chalk can scratch leave marks of scratch your wall paint. Chalking it down a bit can save your walls from such marks.

Now that your chalk is ready, you may start to remove handprints on the walls by rubbing the chalk on the greased area. Leave the chalk dust on the handprints for around 10 minutes and then, wipe the area gently with a dry microfiber cloth. You can see some of the chalk dust still sticking to the oily fingerprints on the wall. To remove handprints on the wall completely, dampen the microfiber cloth in plain water and wipe the leftover chalk dust away. Finally, let the area dry out and if the handprint persists, repeat the instructions.


The above handy tips can be of great help to remove handprints on the wall. Whether removing crayon murals courtesy your kids or oily and greasy handprints, try out more innovative ideas at home before reaching out to the experienced cleaners.